Tom Church

What's your dream setup?

A 2x4 that rolls.

Favourite things to do when not skating?

Jam with the homeboys or shouting at little kids.

What video parts get you hyped for the session?

I'm not a guy who trails through videos or anything, because well, I can't be fucked. But if somethings filmed well and has some mad tekkers then I'm game.

Favourite artists?

Volumes, Non-Prophets, Corelia... depends on the session and the people I'm with. It's hard to choose favorites, I'm easy.

What's your most funny/painful slam?

My most painful slam was back in the day where I went to 5050 grind on a fat rail that just so happened to be next to a wall. Basically, I went to kiss the wall, missed, hit m'noggin, and woke up about a minute later with a banging headache and an egg on my forehead.

I'm not sure about funniest... The one that always pops to mind is Denton nose sliding down the five. I mean, that footage is gold dust.

Any last words for the site?

Nada should be said.

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