Robert Denton

What's your dream setup?

Heroin board,
reds bearings
pig wheels
destructo trucks...
and a sense of reason

Favourite things to do when not skating?

hmm going out on the town,
playing piano,
faffing about and working on my side project of becoming jesus, etc.

What video parts get you hyped for the session?

andrew reynolds baker 3,
chris pulman live from antarctica
and probably james hardy reason to believe, though as an atheist, a christian themed skate vid can be testing

(just a little joke)

I kinda feel bad asking this, what's your most funny/painful slam?

well the most famous was my one...the infamous faceplant,
but other than that it would be kiefer's splits down london bridge ten,
that video is a stronger anti-depressant than citalopram.

Damn. Any last words for the site?

Yeah, stop reading this interview and go smith a curb.

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