Kieran Mayers

What's your dream setup?

Creature 8.25,
Thunder highs 147's,
Bones stf wheels,
and bones reds 'cos there the only bearing I buy.


Adidas Campus Vulcs. You know shoes are good when you buy them more than once.

Favourite things to do when not skating?

I'd have to say watching skate videos, the new 5 boro video is what I can't stop watching atm,
maybe some westgate footage, that shit could get Little George to skate again =D,
or get absolutely shit faced and making a arse out of myself.

Guess that covers favourite videos as well, alright, favourite artists?

Favorite artists atm are Joe Black, Margs and Squeeks, they're the ones holding down the grime scene for a long time and they're still killing it.
And Rick Ross even though he's a fake, sick flow, and how can I forget about every nigga from Jet Life, they're too much!

What's your most funny/painful slam?

Worst slam would have to be double flip 6 ankle break,
most funniest gotta be in one of the ZSK videos where I just slip out from nothin'.

Any last words?


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