Kiefer Passey

What's your dream setup?

I'll have to say a Real board, size 8
Low Thunder trucks,
Bones Swiss Ceramics, just so I can ride like a geee,
Bones bushings medium,
with bones stf 53 mm.

What about the creps?

Hmmm, my favs have always been the SB Blazers

Favourite things to do when not skating?

Shredding my guitar,
seeing my girlfriend,
drinking lots of beer
and smoking a nice bifta!

erm, and thinking of stinkin lines I can film at the next sesh!

What video parts get you hyped for the session?

Bert Wooton, Cosmic Vomit (obviously),
Watching "Square One" gets me hyped to skate some London spots, particularly Josh Cox and Tom Knox's parts.
A Happy Medium - Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki

Not Fully Flared? Haha

Nah man haha, tried watching it the other day and it's not even bangin' anymore.

Rinsed out too much?

Yeah man, tooo much.

Favourite artists?

This is quite tough lol, so I think I'd have to start with Municipal Waste (that shit gets me hyped),
Survive Atlantica when I'm feeling chillled,
All Shall Perish (art work tattooed on my arm GAY FAN BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!),
The Game,
and Deer Tick.

Alright, moving on, what's your most funny/painful slam?

My funniest slam was at London Bridge ten stair where I snapped my tail and did the splits (for the first time). Hopefully never again...

My most painful slam was when I was at Bay 66 when I was like 14, I tried an ollie north off a box and the board popped off the ground and straight into my balls. I cant lie, I was holding in the tears, whilst lying on the seats holding my nuts complaining about the pain.

The best slam I've seen is either Denton's faceplant down the 5 (which I'm sure you've all seen), or Josh when he eats shit on that bench over that gap where his body makes some new shapes... ouch.

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