Charlie Wilson

So I get to interview myself?

Yup, that's pretty sweet.

Cool, so what's your dream setup?

Christ, erm let me think.

Heroin 8" (any graphic, don't fuck about),
Spitfire Classics,
Indy 139 Lows (a rarity),
The standard set of Bones Reds,
and a fresh pair of Half Cabs.

Oh, and none of that sticker job bollocks. Save those Hawk stickers for your scooters, kids.

Favourite things to do when not skating?

Depends, I like to make music and websites, so that takes up quite a bit of my personal time. A good chillout session down the pub or out with the ZSK lads with beer is always a good waste of precious hours, sometimes the complete opposite's fun though, maybe a tasty house party. Not many of those happening much though nowadays.

What video parts get you hyped for the session?

So many to list!

I really love the late VHS era of skateboarding, The firm's "Can't Stop", Girl's "Yeah Right" and of course Tilt Mode. They were the classics!

In terms of newer videos, I always love watching Baker 3, perfect mix of jokes and seriously good skating. Then there's stuff like Fully Flared and all the newer HD skate videos.

Basically, if it has a nice vibe to it, and it's well edited/filmed, I'll love it.

Favourite artists?

Damn, erm...

Childish Gambino, Tennyson, Anamanaguchi, and any local bands, (RIP watchoutvegas)

Seriously though I'll listen to most anything.

What's your most funny/painful slam?

There was this one time about 3 years ago when I hit the dirtiest, full-on, credit card at undercover. That was a pretty bad finisher,
Funniest was probably when I ate shit on my cruiser at VDubz recently, was like wiping out on an extremely smooth hill, that was jokes.

Then there's always 'the Denton'...

Any last words for the site?

ZSK ALL DAY, nothing else needs to be said.

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