Oh shit! Kiefer's latest full length SUBLIMINAL MIND dropped a couple days ago. It's absolutely mental, and you owe it to yourself (and us!) to give it a look.

The premiere was absolutely insane, so much love to everybody who managed to make an appearance. I got a couple video clips and there's more shit spread around instagram. I'm sure I speak for everybody involved when I say that the reception there was just surreal. You're the reason we do what we do.

There'll be more details here in the coming weeks of when DVDs are going to get produced, so check back here soon for more info.

Much love,


It's finally that time!

Ya boy Kiefer's adding the final finishing touches to the latest ZSK joint SUBLIMINAL MIND, but in the meantime we've announced the premier date: 25th February at Parlour Skate Store in Hackney.

Click Here to peep the minisite, and check the Facebook event for further news etc.

See you there!

Dusty Tapes

Hey guys, it's been a while.

While I've been on hiatus, the ZSK boys have been very busy; there's a brand new full length from Kiefer in the works, as well as plenty of new mini-edits (which I'm collecting under raw_files.mp4) to keep you hungry for when we announce the premier.

I'm gonna be shifting some stuff around on here in the coming days, so keep an eye out for some new content coming soon.

Welcome back, Wilson

Caught Slipping

Blood, sweat, tears, lost tapes, fresh cameras, failing hard drives; we all thought it was over, but no, Caught Slipping, the (seriously) long awaited 5th video from ZSK has finally dropped.

Featuring skating from all the regulars, as well as footage from Southampton, California, and a part from our American cousins The Happybox Family, it's one hell of a ride.

Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. It's been emotional.

Thanks, Wilson

Across the Pond

Oh hey y'all! So we're all back from our two weeks in the golden state, and let me tell you, the bangers went down. The bangers.

We're putting most of the footage towards the video, naturally, but Kiefer made a little teaser edit to get you hyped on the inevitable footage.

We've also collated all of the Instagrams that went down over those two week, which you can peep here. Boards, booze and (double!) blunts, all just a day in the life.

Stay safe, Wilson.

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